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Satin Skinz Juliet Eve Supplement



This amazing supplement is dubbed Aphrodite’s Beauty Secret.

✔It softens, brightens and hydrates the skin

✔Helps you maintain a healthy weight

✔Firms up your breasts

✔Burns excess fat & helps with stomach problems

✔Eliminates cellulite and cracks on the skin

✔Helps to deal with menstrual problems

✔Helps with tightening the vagina especially in women after giving birth

✔Gets rid of the unpleasant vaginal odor

✔Helps with dryness and natural vaginal lubrication

✔Strengthens women’s internal health after normal birth & surgery

✔Relieves migraine and headache

✔Stronger hair and nails

✔Slows down the process of menopause and signs of aging on the face

✔Helps manage emotional problems and stress easily

✔Female hormones are more balanced making it easy to conceive.

60 capsules


Single women: One capsule in the morning and one at night. Do Not take it during menstruation. Reduce dosage when you feel you must. The effect is quite apparent within days or weeks.

Married women: 2 capsules in the morning. 2 at night. Do Not take it during menstruation.


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